Information on the Land Value Tax

Advocating for the land value tax in Minnesota is currently our primary goal.  This tax is aimed at using every piece of land to its full potential, conserving our natural resources, stopping the practice of land speculation, and creating a just and natural economic system.  Here are some of our favorite articles and videos showing the advantages of implementing a land value tax.

Break the Boom and Bust Cycle by Rick and Walter Rybeck explains the causes of the patterns of rises and falls in our nation's economy and how the land value tax can stop this process.

Value Capture for Transportation Finance by Michael Iacono explains why the value of the land belongs to the communty, how transportation infrastructure increases the value of the land, and why then it makes economic sense to use a land value tax to fund transportation projects.

By making it inadvisable to hold onto underused land, a land value tax would promote density and deter development in sprawling neighborhoods. Greenest Place in the U.S.? It’s Not Where You Think by David Owen, writer for The New Yorker, shows why New York City is the most sustainable place in America and why this is caused by its density.

Increasing population density also makes cities more innovative and its people more productive.  Larry Hardesty explains why in his Why Innovaton Thrives in Cities.

Pennsylvania has a long history with the Land Value Tax and now has fifteen cities which have put this tax into practice.  Pennsylvania's Success with Local Property Tax Reform by Alanna Hartzok documents how these cities have grown and benefited due to their taxes on land value.

Evaluating the Feasability and Burden Shifting Impacts of a Statewide Land Value Tax on Commercial and Industrial Property by Mark Haveman, the Program Director of the resarch arm of the Minnesota Taxpayers Association, is a study of the impacts of a Land Value Tax.  This article followed the 2003 proposal of a Land Value Tax which failed due to lack of data on the benefits of a Land Value Tax in Minnesota. The goal of the article was to provide evidence in support of this policy and appease that need.