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Common Ground Chapters

Common Ground U.S.A.

Our national parent organization 

The Better Cities Committee

BCC is the chapter for Illinois and Indiana and our mission is to promote the cause of reforming and restructuring the property tax in order to further the orderly development of our cities and eradicate slums. To educate the public and to disseminate information in regard to the above endeavors, to hold meetings and social events and publish media including video, electronic and print.

Common Ground California

The mission of our California Chapter of Common Ground USA is to explore and advocate reforms that enable our state and local governments to efficiently finance public services and infrastructure while protecting natural resources.

We believe that changes in California’s property tax system can improve access to housing, and sustainably finance the infrastructure that we all depend upon: streets and sidewalks; waste management; water, sewer, and storm water systems; public transit; police, fire, and ambulance service; parks; libraries; public health; planning and zoning; education.

Common Ground OR-WA

Common Ground OR-WA is dedicated to the principle that all persons have equal and common rights in the earth and its resources, and each individual has an exclusive right to the income from his or her own labor and capital investment. Therefore, we are committed to reducing and replacing taxes on labor, capital, and wealth, and to using the value of land and other natural resources to pay for essential government services. We believe this to be essential to the attainment of liberty, justice, and economic opportunity for all.

Saving Communities

Saving communities is the chapter for Pennsylvania and we are committed to bringing prosperity through freedom, equality, local autonomy and respect for the commons through decentralization, freedom, reason, and justice.

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