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Get Involved

To become a member of our chapter or support our cause, send us an e-mail or message one of our social media accounts We are currently looking for people with the following skills:



We are looking for people with exemplary writing skills to write articles for the MN Journal, On the Commons magazine/website, Minnesota newspapers, or other valuable mediums.

Public Organizers


Finding an audience is often the most difficult aspect of raising awareness of a cause which is why our chapter needs people who can find and schedule presentations with interested audiences.  Even holding a small gathering of friends and colleagues for a showing of a film promoting the land value tax such as "Real Estate for Ransom" or handing out pertinent articles can be helpful.  

Researcher Interns


Our Chapter needs people who have the necessary skills to research and produce studies on the effects of implementing a land value tax in Minnesota or in places that already have some form of a land value tax.  Our presentations to public officials require up to date information on the implications of implementing a land value tax



With all the new technology increasingly available to us, we realize that we may not take advantage of all the different mediums to reach out to people and organizations.  If you have an innovative idea of how to reach people we would love to have you aboard and help you apply it.

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