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Through our values of justice, equality, and progress, Common Ground Minnesota is dedicated to the principle that all persons have equal and common rights in the earth and its resources, and that each individual has an exclusive right to the income from his or her own labor.

We achieve this mission through our advocacy, research, and legislation.


  • Justice: Each person should be treated equitably and be entitled to the full fruits of their own labor and capital. 

  • Equality: No one should have more rights or be entitled to exclusive opportunities, especially relating to the ownership of land.

  • Progress: The improvement of society, communities, and land.

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Equal rights to the natural commons

We believe that, as no person created the earth, no person has an exclusive right to it. Therefore we seek to leverage the Land Value Tax and land trusts to ensure all have an opportunity to land.

Exclusive right to the value of one's own labor

We see one's own labor as undeniably belonging to that person, and as such oppose both income tax and property taxes.